why abroad?

Hey guys,

poeple who think about going abroad might wonder why they should do it. Well, there are sooooo many reasons. I will tell you my story about it and my motivation to go away.

So, when I was eight years old I was in the kitchen and sat on the table. My mum came and asked if she could talk to me. She told my about a year abroad and that it is a cool opportunity to learn english and that I could go abroad when I´m 16 years old and I said ´ok, that sounds very cool, but I miss you already`. Since that day it was clear that I would go to Canada for one year when I´m 16. We have friends who live in Vancouver and my mum said being near to them would be good, if I have problems or when I´m homesick or something like that. And at the beginning of our search for an organisation I wanted to go near Vancouver, but than we decided that Vancouver Island would be very cool, too. And so I got there.

A year abroad is, as I said before, a very cool opportunity to learn english and also to get out of your daily routine für a certain time. You get to know new poeple and you learn how to be responsible for yourself. It is a whole new situation and you grow on that because you have to go out of your comfortzone which is very exciting and awesome. You have to deal with stuff you never even thought about and that is why you learn a lot. Also being away from home for so long when you are just 16 is not easy but -again the thing with the comfortzone- you will learn a lot out of it. Your parents aren’t there to help you so you have to do it on your own.

You might think now, that all that difficult stuff isn’t worth it but in my opinion it is! At first it might be a little scary but at the end your personality will have grown so much that you are glad you did it.  You get independent and for me all that is totaly worth it!

Have a nice day & smile a lot!