Hey guys, do you miss someone right now? Someone that means a lot to you but for some reason is not where you are right know? There is a lot of reasons why you could miss somebody. Because you left a place or the other person left. Or because your minds and your lifes are … Continue reading missing


Hey guys, today I wanted to talk about comparing. Comparing your year abroad to other years abroad. I am a person who always compares herself to others in everything. And I really know that it is the worst thing you can do because if you compare your life to others it’s similar to expectations, no … Continue reading comparison

the flight

Hey guys, I’m on my flight from Frankfurt to Vancouver right now. Yesterday I had my farewell party and it was quite emotional. I don’t know if there was any liquid in my body at the end of the night. I still didn’t realize that I go for one year but thinking about not seeing … Continue reading the flight


Hey Guys, countdown‘s on! There are just two weeks left for me in Germany. Honestly it doesn’t feel like that. A few days ago I FaceTimed with my host family and I‘m really excited and very happy but it still feels so far away and I can’t really imagine not to be in Germany for … Continue reading emotions