dear 2 0 1 9…

Dear 2019,

thank you. You were a year of growing and learning and getting a step closer to the person I aim to be.

You were so generous and loving. You made me feel so many things, but not once let me down with your optimism and hope.

You did not disappoint me in what I expected from you in terms of excitement and wonderful new experiences. Thank you for the opportunities you offered and the strength to master them. You challenged me in many ways but that only led me to get out of my comfort zone. Change took place which also changed me but mostly in good ways. Obviously you weren’t perfect but you were definitely better than your predecessor, let that be said. Thank you for showing me that strangers can become friends and that uncomfortable situations can become the best thing that ever happened.

You really did a good job and I’m said to let you go, but it has to end when it’s at its best, I guess.

May 2020 be a year of freedom, laughter, personal growth and new exciting experiences and opportunities.

2019, thank you for everything you have done for me!



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