sometimes change is necessary

This chapter closes now and another chapter opens. I am devastated that I have to leave this place and that I have to leave the people behind, who have become so dear to me. This year was an incredible experience and I learned and grew so much. Really, English is the last thing that I learned here. My emotions are so mixed up, I don’t even know what I am feeling right now. I truly don’t want this to end but as bad as I want to stay here, as bad I feel like I have to move on. And it is sad, and I am tearing up every time I think about it, because letting go is hard but on the other hand one major thing this experience has taught me, is that doors open and close. I am curious what the next two years will bring and how I will grow and learn even more. I am curious of what more I can do and of what’s coming next. I have so many plans and so many more goals I want to achieve and they make me look forward to the future. For the longest time I was scared of change and I always wanted to hold onto everything, but I am starting to appreciate beginnings more than I hate endings. There is something exciting in every beginning because you don’t know what is coming next and I seriously didn’t expect to ever say that, but sometimes change is necessary. It hurts and it is for sure not easy. Saying goodbye to something you love without knowing when you will see it again is painful. But seeing it from a different perspective, you can start over and you get a chance to recreate yourself. I will hold this experience forever in my heart and a part of me will always stay here, but the other part needs to let go and move on in life for good. Let’s flip the page and discover this new chapter. I think I am ready.

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