m a y ‘19

Hey guys,

sorry that this post is coming so late… I am down to less than a month until my family comes and I honestly don’t know what I am feeling. I obviously feel excited to see my family but the thought of saying goodbye to this is just very absurd. In addition there is still so much ahead of me that it doesn’t feel as if I am close to the end.

This month I attended my very first track meet and actually my first ever sport school championship ever. I realized once more how much fun sports can be, a thing I never really knew until I came here. I danced at home but that was more fun than exercising and so attending a competition was a totally new thing for me. For not being as trained as my competitors I didn’t do too bad and I actually enjoyed it a lot. I usually don’t like pressure in sports but I am happy I could overcome this “fear”.

I went for a lot of walks and hung out at beaches, because it is finally actually warm enough to do that kind of stuff. Days at the beach are just the best and going for walks in the forest and on the beach is so good for clearing up my mind, whether it’s with friends or with alone.

I volunteered at a trade school with a friend and we taught grade seventh how to ice a cake. It was fun and also exhausting and weird, because they had to practice on wooden blocks with mashed potatoes. Yes, that is weird indeed and not my idea…

I hung out with friends a lot and had lovely beach fires. Towards the end of the month everything evolved around a hiking trip I did with my school. There is going to be an extra post about it but we had to plan everything. I had to get all the gear and we had to buy food and camping things. I went for walks with my friend to break in and get used to my hiking boots and we spend a tone of time at the supermarket trying to figure out what to bring for food. Since we all had never done this, figuring out the food was quite a struggle. But we managed eventually!!

I finally jumped off this one bridge we have in town, into the river. I always wanted to do it but I was too scared. My friend made me jump off it and I am so happy that I did it!! I hate not doing things because of being scared for no reason.

I had to say goodbye to one of my friends because she left early and that was really sad. It’s all coming to an end and I can’t believe it. I’m just trying to enjoy my last month and spend as much time with my friends, host family and nature as I can:).

Have a nice day & smile a lot!


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