m a r c h ‘19

Hey Guys,

three month. Three month are left. It’s march, MARCH! I can’t believe it. I am sitting in my backyard right now, trying to tan, because the weather is gorgeous. Instead of telling you guys how my last month was, I want to tell you about my last few days. Spring break is on right now and so the sun thought she would make us all happy and bless us with sunshine.

A few days ago, my host mum, a friend of mine and I went to a river. It is one of my favourite spots here. Lying on a rock in the sun, hearing the water pass through and seeing trees and blue sky when you look up, there is no better way to relax than going in nature. It was quite warm, but since it’s march, obviously still too cold to swim. We did it anyways. I don’t really know why, but I felt the urge to jump into the cold water. I could convince my friend and as I was standing there, I just didn’t allow myself to second guess and just went for it. It was a jump in and a getting-out-asap, because it was freezing, but definitely worth it! The refreshed feeling right after getting out is worth the shock you get once you are in the water.

The day after, my host mum took us to a beach about half an hour from where we live and at least then it felt like summer. It was a sandy beach, which made me even happier because often the beaches here are rocky. But that one wasn’t and I in my shorts, t-shirt and barefoot couldn’t have felt happier. Have you ever simply felt truly happy?

We moved on to a waterfall and a suspension bridge and we had to go through a forest to get there and as you guys know I love forests! The smell and the sun glimpsing through the tree is just magical. Another highlight of the day was getting fish&chips and eating it at the marina. The beach, the forest and the fish&chips, such simple moments and yet they made me happier than anything.

The thing that made all those days so special, besides the good weather, is that I was able to live in the moment. I could never really do it and I usually think about the past or the future rather than enjoying the present, but on those days I could and that made me unbelievably happy. Not worrying about anything but being in nature and having fun with my friend. I left my phone in my backpack so I could enjoy the moments even better.

Nature and laughter are so essential and yet we sit at home worrying. Nature doesn’t cost us anything but gives us so much. I realized the major impact of nature on my well-being, even just sitting in my backyard relaxes me so much.

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