bad mood?

Hey guys,

I’ve been talking to my friend who is studying in the USA right now and we talked about something that made me think a lot recently, because I didn’t really know how to feel about what I was feeling. She told me that she felt the same way so I thought it might be interesting for those people who live abroad right now, too, who don’t have someone to talk to. I could be your helpful friend, just in case you don’t have someone experiencing and feeling the same as you do.

Half of my life I’ve been thinking about going to Canada and half of my life I thought it was gonna be the best time ever. Everybody told me how cool it was that I would do that and how lucky I am and how great it’s gonna be and how my live would change. And they were totally right! I am living my best live right now, I am having a lot of fun, I met a bunch of cool people who are my friends now, I have the best host family ever (for me, your host family is probably perfect for you;) and I experienced so much and learned a lot already and I will definetly be a different person afterwords, in a very good way.

The thing I was not sure how to feel about was, that obviously nothing will ever be perfect and that there will always be times when you won’t feel your best. In the last few days I had to understand that only because you might not be in the best mood for a few days, it does not mean that your year is bad it only means that you can’t always be happy. I feel like because everybody told me how cool it would be and what amazing things I would expirience, I did not really allow my self to be in a „bad“ mood once in a while or I didn’t dare to be, because I though that this year has to be as awesome as possible and if I would be a little moody it would not be as good. I want to add that this year is mostly very amazing because of all the new things you get to try and the new  friends you make, but you should not pressure yourself to be happy all the time. Sometimes it’s necessary to feel a little grumpy to feel even better afterwords. People who say that their year was only roses and unicorns lie, because it is kind of a difficult time, you know, you are away from your parents and friends for the first time. Yes, it is super exciting and comming to Canada was the best decision ever, but you can’t always be in a good mood, just because you changed your location of living. And that is totally fine. I just struggled with it a little, because I felt that if I would be in a „bad“ mood, my year is not as good as other peoples exchange years, which is defenitly not true, because they don’t jump around and smile the whole time either.

Also you learn so much and that’s why your personality changes a lot as well, and that’s sometimes a difficult thing to figure out, too.

I just wanted to share this, in case you feel as if your are not as happy all the time as you are „supposed to be“, because your year is so much fun and only because you are not laughing for a second does not mean your year is bad.


Have a good day & smile a lot!


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