d e c e m b e r ‘18

Hey Guys,

 it’s time fort he December recap. You are probably thinking the same as me, “How is the month already over again?“, but it is, so let’s see what happened. This month was kind of all about Christmas and I sort of told you all about that already in my Christmas post but still, it was not all about that.

I finally felt like a real high school student, because I watched my first school basketball game and surprisingly there were a lot of people watching, so it was a lot of fun and kind of made me feel like in a movie. The creepy thing about it was, that one guy from the opposite team looked exactly like my brother, but on the other hand it was very funny.

My snowboarding is going very well, despite a few bruises I am fine and it is sooo much fun! I expected me to be cold all the time but in fact the opposite happened and I am gettig hot after some time, which I am very happy about because being cold is the worst feeling ever!

My host dad’s daughter came to visit and that was lots of fun! I seriously got the best host family because everybody just feels like real family right away no matter who I meet, I just love them so much!

I saw a deer with only three legs and ran outside barfefoot, at 4 degrees, to give it some apple but it was too fast…;))) I really hope it survived, because it was very sad to see it, but I couldn’t really do anything.

I started to watch Grey’s Anatomy again and there are probably a lot of you who don’t care about that, but I loooove it so much! I can watch it over and over again and I know every detail in the life of every single character.. does that sound sad? Haha but I really love it!

I read scripture for my church service out loud for the audience and it was better than I thought, normally I am super nervous and I stumble a lot but this time was surprisingly good!

All in all the month was a lot of fun! I struggled with me at some points and especially the first days were hard, when I realized that I am not gonna be celebrating Christmas with my family but it was better than I thought and it was a good month!


Have a good day & smile a lot!




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