Hey Guys,

it’s Christmaaaaaaas!! As every year it came out of nowhere…:)

I got the question if I am sad that I am celebrating Christmas without my family this year, a lot and the answer is: yes, I am. BUT I also enjoy being here and celebrating with my host family and to experience something different from what I am used to. Of course I miss my family today (not only today) and I am sure it would feel a little more like Christmas if I would be with them, but my host family is amazing and they are doing everything possible so that I am comfortable. We are kind of mixing German and Canadian Christmas this year which is very interesting.

I watched my German church service online this morning, which made it feel a little more like Christmas and I also FaceTimed my family. So I am having a good day, with a little bit of sadness in it.

We don’t have snow right now, but on the mountain there is a tone of snow, I am learning how to snowboard by the way and it’s going well so far. I haven’t broken any bones yet and I managed to go down the hill without falling;).

I will go to the church service here later on and then we will have a big typical Canadian Christmas dinner: turkey and stuffing and sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce…. I also made cinnamon stars, because they are my favorite Christmas cookies (despite my grandma’s) and my host mum made super cute sugar cookies!

Most of the people here decorated there houses with a lot of lights and it looks so beautiful!! Going for walks, especially in the evening, is stunning, because you see bright Christmas lights everywhere and some people seem to spent a lot of time decorating and it is just so pretty!

I wish you all a merry Christmas, have a wonderful day with your family and the people you love!



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