n o v e m b e r ‘18

Hey guys,

the november went by so fast that I totally forgot about writing a report on it or let’s say normally I prepare the monthly report around a week before the month ends and finish it at the end of the month, but this time I looked on the date and it was december 1, all of a sudden…

November was packed with a lot of cool stuff!

My spanish teacher celebrated the “Día de los Muertos” by dressing up as a skeleton, full face skeleton makeup included.

I bought myself a record even though I don’t have a record player, just because the cover looked so cute.

My school, my town and the whole country recognized „Remembrance day“, at 11 November at 11 a.m. to mark the hostilities during World War One and to recall the soldiers who have served during the war.

I watched the grad fashion show that takes place every year at my school and it was a lot of fun. The grade 12 students get clothes from shops around town and present them and dance and it was really funny.

I convinced my sister it would be cool to celebrate into her birthday together, she was a little annoyed, because it was a school night (I was in art class, she was in bed) but I wanted to celebrate with her, so we did, and I am happy I convinced her, because it felt very good to celebrate with her, at least a little.

Also I surprised my hostmum with a garland and ballons and music at midnight on her birthday when she came back from celebrating into it with her friends.

I had to say goodbye to a very good friend, who already had to go back to Germany, which was very sad, but I hope I will get to see him once I go back!

I celebrated into a friend’s birthday and when we lighted the candles on her cake the fire alarm went off, at midnight…

The best day in november was, when I danced at the `moonlight magic street feast´ with some friends. It was on the black Friday-Friday, so a lot of people came to buy a lot of stuff, plus the shops started with their Christmas themes and also the theme of that feast was Vikings, so it was a pretty weird combination, but also very funny. There was a choir and a vikings orchestra and apple cider and doughnuts, and a DJ as well, and I got to now my friend’s friends and they started to dance and everybody who knows me, knows that I can’t just stand there when other people are dancing, so I started dancing with them and it was so much fun! At some point we all were very hot, so we wanted to get t-shirts and somehow we all had orange shirts then, being a human advertisement for some politician I didn’t even know, but the shirts were for free so nobody cared. In total we danced for two and a half hours and nobody cared about what other poeple thought but just had fun. People were standing around us, watching, filming and sometimes even dancing with us and it just felt so good! Afterwords we went to a record store and hung out there and went to someone’s house after and ordered pizza. And the people were just super nice, even though I just met them, and super welcoming and the whole evening and night was just perfect!

I also got to see the new “The Grinch”-movie (in November…), so I was in a Christmas mood for technically the whole November, especially because I was at my friend’s house and her parents already decorated at the end of October, so you can imagine how much they love Christmas and how it must look there, so for me Christmas started in November this year.

Now I am looking forward for the ‘real’ Christmas month, and I hope December will be as nice as November!

Have a good day & smile a lot!


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