long walks are the best

Hey guys,

walks are the most relaxing thing ever! It is just so calming to wander around and just think about everything or nothing or walk with a friend and talk.

I’ve been walking a lot lately and it feels so good. Either when I feel stuck or I am in a bad mood, I go outside and the fresh air kind of blows my doubts and bad feelings away. Or I go outside with my friends and we listen to music and dance and talk and talk and talk.

It is just the perfect combination when there is something that is stuck in your head: the fresh air, a friend to talk about it, the music and the possibility to simply dance it out. Plus I have the privilege to live near the ocean and a lot of forests right now, which makes going outside even better. In berlin I always wanted to go for walks but for some reason I never did it. Either there was too much to do or I didn’t want to meet people I knew… But fortunately it changed and I go outside a lot. Often in the evening with a friend who lives just down the street. We meet and then we go down to the marina, as I said a thousand of times, the most beautiful destination for a walk;).

A few hours ago I went for a walk with my hostmum and our dog and we ended up at a spit and it was so peaceful, that I didn’t want to leave. It was super quiet and the forest you could see on the other side on the mountain looked beautiful with the fog and the sun trying to make her way through the clouds. Sometimes I am so impressed by the nature here that I can’t find the right words to express what I am feeling.

I get so much by just wandering around and sometimes I don’t even go to the ocean or a forest but simply to a street and look at all the different houses. I get so much inspiration by doing that, so even when you live in a city and you don’t have access to nature, just go to a place in your city you’ve never been to before or even wander around your neighborhood. It will help to clear things up and make a progress in your head when things get stuck.

I just feel so peaceful whenever I come back from a long walk with my friend having discussed every single detail about our lives and the entire world. It also makes you feel kind of exhausted, but in a good way. The best thing after a walk is a cup of tea and a book. Also, to me that sounds like a perfect Sunday afternoon, try it out this weekend!

Have a good day & smile a lot!


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