o c t o b e r ‘18

Hey guys,

first of all HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! And second of all what? October is already over? How did that happen? It has gone by so super fast, I can’t believe it! But although it feels as it went by in a second, a lot of things happened during this month.

For example I completed a total fall-bucketlist :).

Apple picking – check!

Pumpkin patch – check!

Thanksgiving- check!

Halloweenparty – check!

Beachfires- check!

Long walks- check!

Pumkin carving-check!

I think you can’t experience a more cliche fall than I did:). The weather was and still is very sunny and not to windy, so the trees are all in pretty colours and I could take beautiful sunny walks.

One day I picked apples at a family friends house and it was so cool! The property was quite big and there were a lot of apples! It was warm and sunny and  as I stepped out of the property I had an amazing view over the sea. The owner was a former English teacher and as I talked to him, he told me about him traveling through Europe when he was younger. He was super nice!

In the beginning of October I celebrated thanksgiving. It was exactly like I had pictured it in my head. Many people in a big house, playing games, but the owners can’t play with you becuse they’re providing the dinner and a super long table and everybody is sitting around it, eating turkey and stuffing, and sweet potatoes and… For desert there is pumkin pie and apple pie and afterwords everybody is sitting in the living room, talking and making fun.  That was my imagination and that’s exactly how it happened. It was very lovely! My host dads family is super nice and the afternoon and evenig at his dads house were super fun!

This month I smelled like a smoked salmon a lot, because me and my friends made a few beachfires and you can’t avoid smelling smokey, but I love it. Or let’s say I love the beachfires, not the smell of my clothes;). It is so relaxing to spend an evening with your friends at the beach, eating a tone of marshmallows and talk about everything you can think of.

Also I was at a pumkin patch this month and it felt a lot like fall. Pumkins all around you and animals and chapsticks that smell like butter beer (where are the potterheads?). I picked  a bigger pumkin to carve later on ( I carved Spider-Man in it) and some smaller ones for decoration. And while talking about decoration, the barn where they sold all the stuff was crazy!!

Since it is October (or was??) everybody went crazy for Halloween. Yesterday I was at a friends Halloween party and it was stunning! The whole house was decorated. And when I say the whole, I mean it. From the front to the back and from the bottom to the top, everything was decorated. It was a lot of food there, mainly Halloween cupcakes, cookies and sweets. I’ve never been to a Halloween party like this before, but it was really really cool!

I wish you all a super nice November!

Have a nice day & smile a lot!


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