Hey guys,

do you miss someone right now? Someone that means a lot to you but for some reason is not where you are right know?

There is a lot of reasons why you could miss somebody. Because you left a place or the other person left. Or because your minds and your lifes are growing apart and yor are just not that close anymore.

In my case I left. I left my home to study abroad, get to know new people and try out a new life. And it’s wonderful and I love it and I am super thankful to be able to live my dream, but of course I miss a lot of people. Some days I am more conscious about it than on other days, but I miss them. And also I already know, that when I leave this place, I will miss all the people here.

I just wanted to give all the people, who miss someone right now an advice. Don’t focus on the fact that you are missing that person or those people. Don’t focus on how sad it is that they are not around you. Focus on the good things you are experiencing right now. That’s what you should always do. Also I think it does not help you to focus on the day you will see them again, because you should enjoy your life now and focus on all the fantastic people that are around you right know rather than on the people you are not around. That does not mean you should forget the people at home, definetly not! Stay in contact because they are a huge part of yor life, but be happy when you talk to them and enjoy when you are calling etc. because it does not make it better when you are sad while talking to your friends or family at home.

I know that sometimes it’s not as simple as it sounds but if I manage to do it, you can do it too! Of course I also struggle with it on some days (yes mom, I miss you even if you don’t think so), but I try to keep my head up becaus I want to have a good time here and not a sad time.

Leaving your home for the first time is hard, but also very exciting! Especially all the new people are a gift to your life.

So be happy and thankful for them! Be happy and thankful that you have people at home you can miss and who miss you but don’t let the fact that you are missing them take over your life, because this year is there for having a tone of fun! In my case it’s my dream and I don’t want to destroy my dream by being sad:).

Have a good day & smile a lot!


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