Hey guys,

today I wanted to talk about comparing. Comparing your year abroad to other years abroad. I am a person who always compares herself to others in everything. And I really know that it is the worst thing you can do because if you compare your life to others it’s similar to expectations, no matter how cool something is, somebody will always be better or experience a more exciting thing. And then you don’t see how amazing your year abroad is, just because you focus on other lifes. But the other persons year abroad might not be the perfect thing for you. You just think it’s cooler, but if you were in that place, there would be something better as well, or something that seems better.

There will always be something better or something more exciting or a person who seems to have a better life than you have but you know what? If you only focus on what you don’t have you will have a sad life. And a life filled with envy and you don’t appreciate your own life and the incedible things your life offers to you.

And maybe I am not exactly the right person to tell you so, because as I mentioned I always compare myself, but I am truly working on it and I realized that I can’t really compare my year abroad or my life to others because it is so damn different.

Focusing on what you have makes you thankful and happy and joyful and thats how everybody wants to be, happy. And not sad and frustrated.

I am not perfect at not comparing myself yet but knowing the problem is the first step to improvement.

Make yourself conscious about all the awesome things you already have and appreciate them. And to practice be aware of everything around you and think about it as if would be something very special even if it is the most normal thing to you. If you make it sort of a habit to be thankful for everything, you don’t need to be jealous on others and their lifes because you know and appreciate what you have. Be more positive about your own life!

Have a nice day & smile a lot!


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