s e p t e m b e r ‘18

Dear diary,

bears, deer, seals, a bunch of new people, a new home, a new family, the most beautiful nature. Short: a new life. I am so happy I decided to come here! Of course I miss my family and friends at home a lot and still everything is new and unknown, but more and more I get used to it. I love my host family and they made my feel like a member of their family right after I got here and I never really felt like a guest or something, which made me settle down here even easier and I am super thankful for that!

Just a few things I experienced: I saw bears, I slided down a river with a tube, I hiked in a forest up a mountain and saw a waterfall there (the water there is really delicious), I went on a camping trip to Hornby Island and saw seals, I went to Cumberland and fell in love with this cute town, I swam in the  “river“, I went to the marina (a lot or lets say nearly every day because it´s just the most beautiful view down there-water and forest and mountains and I can’t get enough), I started to go to the Gym, I started to play basketball, I got to know a new church and I did a color-powder game with the youth group there.

Of course I got  a little used to everything now, after five weeks but I still can´t really believe I live here. The beautiful nature still takes my breath away and then I realize for a second that this is the place I live know and that is crazy!

Also a big thing you might wonder about is my first day of school, but I can tell you, it was not as horrible as you might think.

Things I´ve learned this month: I learned to get out of my comfortzone and connect with other people. While you are here, the most imortant things is to get to know people and connect with them. Just start to talk to people you don’t know yet, they might be very nice. Aslo you can always learn new stuff when you get to know new people, beacuse they live a very different life than you do, so they see things different than you do, so just talk to them and listen what they have to say.

Also I learned to let people do stuff even if you don’t agree. Not the way they are living or their opinions but work they do when I have to do it with them. In my art class I had to create a poster about a certain topic with a partner. I didn’t know the girl who got to be my partner and as we started she wanted to do things different than I did. Don’t get me wrong I am a very tolerant person, but when I have to do stuff for school I always think that I can do it better… (I know it’s a bad habit…), but I just let her do it and her and my work together woked out very well, so I learned to accept people´s way to do stuff, even if I don’t agree at first. Because it’s not always me who is right ;).

I am looking forward for the next month which hopefully will be as incredible as this month was.


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