first week’s experiences

Hey Guys,

wooooooooow! I can’t believe how fast this week has gone bye. But also everything feels kind of familiar to me, which is crazy because it is so new to me but it feels good not to feel too much as a stranger. In this week I’ve already experienced so much, it’s crazy!

On my first day my host mum showed me the area and I’m still impressed of this beautiful nature! I saw a bear (ahhhh) or let’s say two bears. This is incredible, awesome and stunning and even my host mum couldn’t believe it. Also I was at “the river” which is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen! The water is so clear and refreshing and the sun was warm but not to hot. It was perfect 🙂

My second day was good, too. I was at the river again and afterwards we ate a burger and went to the movie theatre. Buttered popcorn is soooooo good!

On Wednesday I had an ‘orientation day’ from the ‘international student program’ an I got to know many new people (and many Germans). Everybody was very nice and we went to our school (you have WiFi in school haha).

On Thursday we went hiking and again the nature was awesome! We drove with typical yellow school busses:) we went up to Mount Washington and the view was nice but it was freezing cold.

On Friday I met with another German student at the mall and we went to a thrift store and got some stationery stuff.

On Saturday I met with some friends and we sat down at the marina and listened to some music (and I went thrift shopping again…). In the evening my host mom and I went to a ‘speed race’ where funny-painted-nearly-broken cars race and it was very loud and smelled very interesting but is was sooo much fun! For the finale they put trailers or boats behind their cars which need to be crashed by others.

I’m feeling very good so far, I haven’t been homesick yet which I’m super happy about and I feel very good! The Canadians are super nice ( nicer than Germans…) and polite. Schools starts in two days and I am very curious about that and I hope I get to know some nice people.

Have a nice day & smile a lot!


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