Hey Guys,

countdown‘s on! There are just two weeks left for me in Germany. Honestly it doesn’t feel like that. A few days ago I FaceTimed with my host family and I‘m really excited and very happy but it still feels so far away and I can’t really imagine not to be in Germany for the next year.

Every now and then I am a little sentimental but every time a friend or family member is like “I‘m so sad you are going, you could also stay here“ I don’t know what to answer because for me it still doesn’t feel real so I’m not that sad yet. I‘ve talked half of my life about this year abroad and it feels kind of weird that it’s now really happening.

“That feeling when you don’t even know what the fuck you are feeling”

I enjoy the time I have left with my family (sounds more dramatic than it is haha) but in my head I have a lot more time because I didn’t realize that there are just 14 days left.

It’s a little confusing to know that I will go but can’t really imagine it. I feel kind of normal but a little voice in my head keeps saying that I don’t have that much time left in Germany and that makes me think that I should be sentimental but I’m so curious about all that that now at this point I feel more excited than sad but I’m sure this will change as soon as I have to say goodbye.

So, that was just a little emotions update and I’ll tell you how I feel next week.

Have a nice day & smile a lot!


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