How to get over your worries

Hey Guys,

everybody has worries. Especially when there is something new. You don’t know it (obviously, it is new…) so you think of stuff you heard and imagine how it COULD be. And then you have worries about things you don’t even know.

But how to get over them?

Of course I have worries too. The whole year abroad thing is new for me or let’s say I didn’t experience a situation like this before so I can just imagine how it COULD be. You always worry about the unknown. It’s normal because it scares you. (and makes you a little curious;)

Worries aren’t bad as long they don’t overtake your thoughts. Worries are here to prepare you and not to paralyze you. Keep that in mind. Worries aren’t evil they just want to protect you. I always ask myself “why do I have those worries? Are they justified?”. If not I try to make them less. I keep telling myself that I don’t have to worry and look at the facts again. If I know I don’t have to worry because it is proof I don’t have to, a glance at the facts helps a lot.

I proof to myself that worries are unnecessary in this moment.

If that doesn’t help, I talk to a person I am close with and often they also tell that I don’t have to worry and hearing that from another person helps a lot, too.

Another advice: don’t hurry, even if you know your worries are not justified it could take a while till you really realize it. So just wait, it might be “over” in a few days.

If I worry about my year abroad I tell myself that so many people who did it before me had the best time of their lifes and that mine will also be incredible and that helps me a lot.

If you worry about something right now I hope I helped you at least a little bit.

Have a nice day & smile a lot!


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