expectations, hopes

Hey Guys,

today I want to talk about expectations and hopes. Do I have expectations? Yes! Do I try not to have them? Yes! Because your expectations are always so high that it doesn’t matter how cool it is you will always be disappointed because you can’t ever satisfy expectations.

So I try to have more hopes than expectations. For example how my personality/ character will change (in a positive way) and that I kind of don’t care about things I worried about in Germany and that it will be an incredible year, but I try not to have expectations in particular.

“It´s not a trip

or vacation,

it´s a seond life.”

And of course you always imagine and think of how it will/could be. And you wish about certain things, but have to know that it can be totally different than you imagined and it’s important then not to be disappointed.

Have a nice day & smile a lot!


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