how it really is to get your host family

Hey Guys,

a few days ago I got the message that I finally got my hostfamily, which is (“ahhhhhhh”) sooo cool because this is like the most exciting thing of your year abroad before actually going away.

But today I want to tell you honestly how you feel when you get your hostfamily. Because there are many different feelings you don´t think of and then they are overwhelming.  I just want to tell you about this feeling so you are prepared beacuse it is a bunch of differnt feelings and I don´t want you to interprete them wrong. (because e.g. it could be that you’re getting a little sentmental but that doesn´t mean you should  overthink everything)

So of course it is very exciting because your hostfamily is one of the most important things for your year abroad and I really freaked out when I got the message and the names and all that stuff.  But in the exact same moment when your are freaking out and your so happy and excited it´s also getting real. Because before you obviously know that you will go away and maybe you also know the day you are going or your school but then you know it is real because you can imagine better how it could be (or how you want it to be;).

So it is very cool and my heart jumps whenever I think about my hostfamily and doing this year abroad in Canada but of course it is also a little frightening and kind of sad because you have to say goodbye to so many people.

What I want to say is that with the day of getting your hostfamily it´s getting serious and you think about stuff like how it will be in Germany when you´re away and what your friends do and all that.

But also it is sooooo cool and I´m very happy that I now know my hostfamily so I´m looking even more forward for this hopefully incredible year.

Have a nice day & smile a lot!


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